Off Road and Out of Control


Can you imagine showing up at your next off road adventure, be it in the Lucas Off Road Racing Series or on the sand dunes of Glamis, with a NASCAR engine? Here’s your chance.  Triad Racing Technologies has applied its NASCAR success to the world of off road racing and is already helping teams to victory lane.

During the 2014 LOORS race season Doug Fortin and Fortin Racing picked up nine Top 5 finishes, four podiums and two wins with Triad engines. Fortin was rookie of the year, finished 5th overall in points and won an award for Best Used of New Technology.

Triad engineered and produced its Ph14 360 Pro2 and 410 Pro4 engines.  These engines are based on the block and head architecture developed by Toyota and approved by NASCAR. The engines also utilize race proven internal components found in most of Triad’s NASCAR championship winning engines.

Included with the Pro2 360 and Pro4 410 Engines:

  • Triad Designed and Developed Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Roller Lifters and Rocker based valve train
  • Triad Custom High RPM Valve Spring Package
  • 6 Stage Dry Sump Oiling System
  • Custom crank, rod and piston combination
  • Upwards of 875 hp and 650 ft.lbs of torque

NASCAR introduced a new engine package following the 2006 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season that left Triad with a surplus of excellent horsepower.  Triad initially used those engines to develop the first Triad P9-S 360 and 410 Buggy Engines.  The Triad P9-6 was devised from the Toyota NASCAR V8 motor and shares common block, heads and valvetrain technology.  Included with the 360 and 410 P9-6 Buggy Engines:

  • Triad Designed Fuel Injection System
  • Metalcraft Engineered EFI Manifold
  • 92mm or 102mm Throttle Body Options
  • Roller Lifters and Rocker Based Valve train
  • Triad Custom High RPM Valve Spring Package
  • 6 Stage Dry Sump Oiling System
  • Motec M1 Electronic Engine Control Unit
  • Upwards of 850+ hp and 600 ft.lbs. of torq

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