Race Winning

Engines Engines

Triad built and engineered engines have numerous poles, race wins and championships. We are a proven leader in consistency, reliability and performance.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and personnel
  • Four Dyno cells
  • Two Spintron cells
  • Five assembly Laboratories
  • Six CNC Machines
  • Fully equipped parts department utilizing 100% serialization and parts lifing
  • Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Measures repeatability to .00008 of an inch (Pistons, Valves, Rings, Blocks, Cams, and Cranks)
  • Mahr Form Tester
  • Measures critical features on valves and pistons with accuracy to .00004 of an inch
  • Rockwell Tester
  • Confirms hardness of porous and non-porous metals (i.e. Steel and Aluminum)
  • EZ Cam
  • Checks lobes, Journals, and taper configuration in cams
  • 99% success rate for race engine durability
  • Horsepower for all engines is consistent to within +/- one half of one percent

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